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Commercial carpet manufacturer, Interface, teams up with Net-WorksZSL ( Zoological Society of London), and the Darwin Initiative to create a sustainable solution to the carpet industry. These solutions created by Net-Works, reduce marine plastic by having a team collect disposed fishing nets from coastal communities and recycle them into carpet fiber to create unique carpet tile and broadloom. As a result to recycling wasted fish nets, Net-Works has noticed an increase in fish stocks which is beneficial to the coastal communities and their biodiversity. “Less plastic, more fish”, states Net-Works. Based in the Danajon Bank in the Philippines, the Net-Works Program provided up to 4,000 people with an alternative income and has expanded to 24 different communities throughout Southeast Asia, just within their first two years. 

“This is not about doing philanthropic giving. We’re doing this to demonstrate a better way of doing business.” Nigel Stansfield – Chief Innovation Officer for Interface, Inc.


Check out these impressive statistics from Net-Works!


  • They successfully collected at least 208 metric tonnes of nets which are later recycled into high quality nylon yarn.
  • Provided more than 2,200 families with steady financial support.
  • Recruited at least 1,600 volunteers to contribute by making small weekly contributions to support their conservation mission.
  • Benefited the lives of up to 64,000 due to improving marine life.
  • Net-Works is collecting approximately 3.5 metric tonnes of wasted nets each month in the Philippines.

Ecolux Interiors was proud to specify Interface Carpeting for a community Pro Bono project at Christ Lutheran Church in La Mesa, CA.